04-30-2020 App Updates

  • Fixed a bug where the Funding Report threw an error because some line items didn’t have an associated user.
  • Added a date range for the current month to cash accounts on the Flowchart page because some new 99 students didn’t realize new projections started after the end of the current month.
  • In Projections Tab, you should now start seeing your Expense Credit Card Payments
    • There were bugs in the first release, a fix has already been release couple minutes ago
      • Projections showing up double, triple or more
      • Projections calculations are thrown off because of projection items showing unnecessarily
      • Remove Weekly Variable Expense from Projections since it is not relevant anymore
    • Some who already have seen the bugs happen can simply fix by doing the following
      • In Projections Tab Click on “Regenerate Projections”
      • If you have seen any Projection items with titles “… towards balance”, note the letter casing there, you should just delete all of the entries with such
      • For all your credit card items, please go to https://app.101financial.com/financial/profile/credit_card and click edit, then save on all credit card items so that it will properly reset future projections.
  • In Projections Tab, you should now start seeing your Credit Card Balance Payments

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