101 Corporate Wellness program is now available

Now businesses can offer 101 Financial courses to their employees through their HR departments!

101 Financial has debuted a program to offer financial literacy education to the employees of any company.

The Workplace Financial Wellness Program brochure summarizes the challenges that companies face…

It’s a fact: 40% of employee turnover is due to financial stress.

Financial stress usually has little to do with a paycheck. The real reasons employees are weighed down with financial problems are:

  • Lack of financial knowledge
  • No personal financial budget
  • Bad credit scores
  • No plan to eliminate debt
  • Paying too much in interest and fees

The brochure also explains the many benefits for employees, including:

  • Unbiased information: No sales pitches for investments
  • Money management education: Focus is on managing money, debt first
  • Face-to-face presentations: Employees take part in active learning
  • Easy-to-use money management tools: Enabling immediate action
  • Ongoing support: With additional actionable education they can use
  • A free financial analysis that compares the employee’s current pace of of debt elimination with what’s possible using the 101 Financial System
  • Personal, customized financial education in the privacy of the employee’s own home
  • A 90- to 120-day financial roadmap with every penny accounted for to optimize cash flow
  • Six to 9 home classes with a personal instructor to make weekly adjustments and changes to budgets
  • A 12-month debt elimination plan with a prioritized pay-down schedule, based on the most to least expensive debts
  • Credit education and optimization webinars that help employees take control of their credit
  • Help with establishing a smart banking relationship with a financial institution where the employee can open a revolving debt management account

Plus, the financial education program helps promote employee happiness by:

  • Eliminating their stress about money
  • Eliminating their anxiety and worry about debt
  • Increasing their focus and productivity, and thereby,
  • Enabling them to become better employees!

If you know of any company that could benefit from this program, be sure to contact your instructor!

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