99+ Graduation Options

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If you’re close to completing your 99+ Course…

You’ll want to prepare to enroll in either the 100 or 101 Course. These courses will take you to the next level by introducing you to the 101 System for accelerated debt elimination. Learn more about all of these courses below…

The 100 Course builds on the solid 99 Course foundation, which teaches you better budgeting, credit building, and increasing your cash flow. In the 100 Course, you’ll:

  • Continue predicting and improving your cash flow
  • Expand your credit building with smart credit card use, and
  • Embark on a strategy of systematic debt elimination. This process uses accelerated payment techniques that enable you to methodically pay down your highest-priority debts.

In this course, your instructor will customize a learning plan for you that’s designed to meet all of your credit-building and debt-reduction objectives.

The 101 Course provides you with the online tools and self-paced tutorials you will need to continue your journey toward a state of robust financial health and well being. They’re designed to jump start your success and rapidly accelerate your progress toward:

  • Using smart banking techniques
  • Improving your credit score
  • Reducing your debt burden quickly, and
  • Achieving long-term prosperity

When you combine the tutorials with the ongoing guidance and support you’ll receive from your 101 Instructor, you’ll continue to reap the dramatic benefits from using the 101 System for financial success.

How to take the next step…

For more information on how to enroll in these courses, contact Hana at Hana@101financial.com. She’ll guide you on the specific steps to take to move forward.