“A Taste of Italy” – 101 Instructor Promotion

“A Taste of Italy” Instructor Promotion

Enrollments Into the 101 Financial System Going On NOW!

Points to Qualify:

6 Taste of Italy Points = Hotel Only

7 Taste of Italy Points = Airfare Only

8 Taste of Italy Points = 1 Instructor Entire Trip

9 Taste of Italy Points = 1 Additional Guest Entire Trip

1 Taste of Italy Point = 1 New 101 Financial Student 


Hiring Qualifiers:

+ Must Hire 2 New Instructors (For SI and Above)

+ Must Hire 1 New Instructor (For CI)

+ Must Be Registered for Wealth Academy

1 Taste of Italy Point = 1 Qualifier For MI/DI (2 Taste of Italy Points Max)

When 101 Financial System Student Enrollments Begins…

Use Our Handy Rome Promo Tracker To Help You Qualify For This Promotion

Download Your PDF Rome Promo Tracker Here
When 101 Financial Enrollments Begin

Reach Out To Your Instructor For Help Today…
To Qualify For Our Fabulous Trip To Rome!


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