The 99 Collegiate Course teaches you a better way to budget, how to build your credit, and how to increase your monthly cash flow. It will help you find your financial starting point and lay a solid foundation. You’ll learn how to:

  • Organize your finances
  • Boost your cash flow
  • Start a strategic savings plan, and
  • Improve your credit score, so you can qualify for lower interest rates and better credit products in the future

The 99 Collegiate Course contains the following 11 self-paced tutorials:

  • Eight (8) core tutorials from the 99 Course curriculum, and
  • Three (3) advanced tutorials from the 101 Course curriculum, which will give you much deeper insight into how consumer debt can affect your personal finances

When you combine the online tutorial program with the ongoing guidance and support of your 101 Instructor, you’ll experience the unbeatable 101 Financial formula for financial success.

How to View the Tutorials on Any Device

Whether you prefer to learn during the day or in the middle of the night, you can take this course at your own pace using your desktop computer, laptop, or mobile tablet. When you click the Play button for each tutorial video, you’ll be able to:

  • Resize the browser window to any size you want.  The player will shrink or grow to the correct size to fit the window.
  • Resume where you left off, in case you need to stop before completing a lesson. Since your place will automatically be saved, you’ll have the option of returning to the same spot in the lesson the next time you click the Play button.
  • Click the Navigation Pane on the top left of each video to open the menu of slides. You can click any title in the menu to jump directly to that slide. Click the Transcript link at the top right to read the script for any slide that is playing.

To begin with, be sure to review your 99 Course Student Manual, below, for further details on your next steps!