Instagram Story Prompt – Day 1

Day 1

Introduce Yourself

Use this outline as a guide to help you complete the stories you’ll post today. These prompts are listed in the order they should be posted to your story. Feel free to post them all or skip a few and only do the ones you feel resonate with you.

Story 1: Remind people who you are. Share your name, what you do, and use our one-liner to explain what you do at 101 Financial. Here’s an example of how you can make it sound conversational:

“You know how getting out of debt can feel overwhelming? I teach what many people don’t know about managing money so they can make informed financial decisions and live a full, rich life.”


Story 2: Share three fun facts about you.

“Three things I love are: 1) ___________ 2) ____________ 3) _____________”


Story 3: How do you like to spend your time?

“I love to spend my time doing _______________.”


Story 4: What’s your favorite part about being an instructor?

“My favorite part about being an instructor is ________________”


Story 5: Ask if they’ve heard your success story.

“Have you heard how my life changed because of 101 Financial?”

Use the poll option here. YES = “Do tell!”  NO = “Tell me again!”


Stories 6-10: Answer these questions to share your success story:

6) What was your biggest struggle prior to getting started with 101 Financial?

7) How did that struggle make you feel?

8) What changed for you after getting started with 101 Financial?

9) What specific results can you share?

10) What would you say to someone on the fence about enrolling with 101 Financial?


Story 11: Ask if they have any questions.

“Do you have any questions about the program?”

Use the question sticker so they can respond.


Story 12: At the end of the day, thank everyone for watching your stories.

“Thanks so much for watching today’s stories. See you guys tomorrow!”

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