Instagram Story Prompt – Day 2

Day 2

Positioning Yourself as an Expert

Today is all about adding value to your followers. After doing this, you’ll have positioned yourself as an expert.

Come up with two topics that would be highly valuable to your potential students. These can be tutorials, “how-tos”, or just you teaching them something they don’t already know. Ask yourself, “What are two topics that would be helpful for them today?”

Once you’ve selected your ideas, let your viewers choose which topic they want to know more about by posting a poll with both ideas!

Be sure you make it extremely clear about why this is beneficial to them (cast the vision of what they could lose if they don’t learn about your topics). Many people forget to make this clear which leaves their audience bored or confused. Be clear about why your viewers should care.

Topic Examples:

  • A tutorial of how to use an app your students always ask you about.
  • 5 mistakes to keep an eye out for when making a budget.
  • 6 ways to stay disciplined with your money.
  • 3 ways to stay debt free.
  • 5 smart ways to save money for the holidays.