Instagram Story Prompt – Day 3

Day 3

Being Relatable

Today is about taking your viewers through your day. After doing this, they’ll get to know the personal side of you which builds their trust because you’ll be relatable.

Part 1: Preliminary Questions
Answer these preliminary questions and do your best to fit them into the story outline below. Once you have your outline for what your story will be today, either write it down on paper or type it up in your notes app on your phone so you can refer to it throughout the day.

  1. What do I have planned for today?
  2. Which details of my day do I expect would be beneficial and brand-building for me to share with my viewers?
  3. What are the highlight events that could act as a climax of my story?
  4. How can I share these in a way that would be brand-building?
  5. If I had to describe my story for the day, it would be…
  6. What business happenings are important for me to mention at this time?


Part 2: Story Outline


What can you post at the beginning of the day that will help set the scene and give your viewers a little hint of anticipation of what to expect from your day?


What can you post the begins to build the anticipation for the climax of your story?


This is where everything comes together and where most of the action happens. What can you post that would be most exciting about your story?


What can you post that would be a good summary to your day?

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