Instagram Story Prompt – Day 5

Day 5

Invite Your Viewers to Work With You

If there’s any day you need to be absolutely confident in your stories, THIS is that day!

Imagine you’re talking to ONE PERSON who is 100% interested and feeling so grateful that they’ve found you because it’s exactly what they need. Speak with excitement! Your energy can be felt through your stories so make it good, but most of all, be YOURSELF!

Note: Even if you don’t get any new students, the only way to succeed in stories is by showing up consistently. Put yourself out there so the people will get to know who YOU are!

Use this outline as your guide

Part 1 – Poll them on their desire

Ask your viewers a simple question that touches on their desire.


-Story: “I want to know how many of you watching this *really* want to stop stressing about your bills.”

– Poll: “Yes!” vs “No”


Part 2 – Introduce them to the problem that’s holding them back the most from achieving their desired result. Include a poll.

Remind your viewers about the problem they’re having. “So many people say they’re ready to stop stressing about their bills, but the number one thing holding them back is…” [insert a problem they have that you can help them solve here]. Then poll them if they can relate.


-Story 1: “So many people say they’re ready to stop stressing about their bills, but the number one thing holding them back is they don’t wanna change their current lifestyle!”

-Poll 1: “I can relate!” vs “I’m guilty of this!”

-Story 2: “Want to know why most people don’t wanna change their current lifestyle? It’s because it’s what they’re already used to and they don’t know where to start.”

-Poll 2: “Yeah – I’ve been struggling with figuring out where to start” vs “Yeah – I’ve tried changing but failed before”


Part 3 – Paint the vision of what they WANT to achieve. Include a poll.

Talk about what life could be life if they experienced a specific outcome when they’ve achieved their desired result. Poll them on whether they’d like these results.


-Story: “Would it be amazing to experience all of this?”

  • To know *exactly* where to start with your finances
  • Clarity on *when* you’ll have specific expenses paid off without second guessing yourself
  • Knowing *exactly* what your bank account will look like 90 days from now
  • A feeling of triumph instead of defeat with each paycheck you receive

-Poll: “YASSS!” vs “Nahhh”


Part 4 – Introduce your classes

Start by letting them know that 101 Financial is for them if they answered yes to your last 3 polls. Then introduce them to your classes and what they can expect from them.


-Story 1: “If you answered “yes” to my last 3 polls… check this out!”

-Story 2: “I teach a beginner’s course called 99 Financial. It’s a 60-day program of personal finance fundamentals so you can be confident in finally understanding your hard-earned money.”

-Story 3: “It’s for people who a solid budget routine that’s simple, but effective. Stick to this plan and you’ll see the difference immediately.”


Part 5 – What is your offering?

This is where you spell out the features of your class.


-Story: What is “99 Financial”?

  • It’s a 60-day program
  • You’ll meet with me once a week so we can go through your plan together
  • Each lesson has detailed instructions and a student back office where you have access to even more resources to help you
  • Show them a behind-the-scenes video of what they’ll be getting


Part 6 – Give them a reason to enroll TODAY.

Include a reason that will make them enroll today and add a poll.


-Story: “I only have 5 spots open for this month. Once they’re filled, you’ll have to wait until I reopen more spots again, so enroll now to avoid stressing about your bills this month!”

-Poll: “Enroll me please!” vs “Okay let’s do this!”


Part 7 – Add testimonials.

If you have student testimonials of your own, be sure to show them here! If you don’t have any testimonials yet, check out the Story Highlights on 101 Financial’s Instagram (@101financial) and use those testimonials!


Part 8 – Share the cost and explain the VALUE of the course.

Break down your offer for them and explain why it’s worth the cost.


-Story: “99 Financial is only $199 because it delivers RESULTS. It has transformed people from “I don’t like looking at my bills” who now *love* it when their bills arrive and stick to their budget.”


Part 9 – Have any questions? ASK ME!

Prompt your viewers to ask questions about your classes and then answer them throughout the day!


Part 10 – Call them to ACTION!

Pick one call to action to give your viewers:

  • Tell them they can enroll using the link in your bio
  • Have them send you a direct message so you can give them the link to enroll
  • Tell them to “swipe up” to enroll as a student (you currently need over 10,000 followers to have this feature)

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