Instructor Handbook Changes (Nov. 15, 2021)

Below you’ll find summaries of all of the key changes that were implemented in Version 2.1 of the Instructor Handbook, released November 15, 2021.

To see the previous changes from Version 2.0, released September 1, 2021, click here.


Click this link to see a new “Instructor Handbook Quick Reference Guide” which includes:

  • A list of frequently asked questions
  • A list of terms and definitions
  • An overview diagram of the 101 Financial Instructor levels and executive advisory groups.

[Lesson 2] Instructor Basics




Changes to Wording

[Topic 1] Instructor Definitions & Compensation Plan

Instructor Ranks/Levels

[The following wording was added:]

The five levels of Instructor advancement are listed below, from lowest to highest rank.

Training Instructor (TI)

Certified Instructor (CI)

Senior Instructor (SI)

Master Instructor (MI), Level 1 (MI-1) and Level 2 (MI-2)

Dean of Instructors (DI)

Click the icon above to open an overview diagram in a new window. Read the details of each Instructor level below.

[Lesson 4] Processes & Procedures




Changes to Wording

[Topic 1] Consideration for Transfer


[The following wording was clarified:]
Instructors shall remain within the same DEAN’s Organization. If a situation occurs between Instructor and Student, the Instructor’s Support Team will step in to assist as needed. Any further issues will be resolved by the Organization’s Dean of Instructors.
A Student shall remain within their MASTER’s Team.
[The last sentence of this paragraph was removed: “There shall be no transferring of students within the Organization unless the ORIGINAL Instructor of record becomes INACTIVE, in which case the Student shall automatically be reassigned to the next Instructor in line within that INACTIVE Instructor’s Support Team.”]

Reasons to Consider a Transfer within an Organization

[The following wording was clarified:]
If a student meets the criteria for a transfer as stated above, the Master Instructor shall submit an email to the PAC (with copies to the Accounting Department at and, the reassigned Instructor, the original Instructor, and the Dean) that includes the information below. Copy and paste this list into your email and provide the answers:
Name of Student to be Reassigned

Name of Original Instructor

Name of Reassigned Instructor

Reason for Transfer (cite the reason number from the list of reasons above)

• If none of the reasons above apply, explain the reason for the request.
If there is an impasse within the Master Instructor’s Team, the Dean shall make the final decision on the transfer.

[Topic 2] Student Request for Support

Student Request for a Tuition Refund

[This is a newly added subsection.]