Learn how to become a 101 Instructor

Consider joining the 101 Instructor team!

If you’ve achieved success with your 101 program, have been recommended by your instructor, and have the right heart and a strong desire to help other families, please consider becoming a Certified 101 Instructor after 90 days.

If you meet these qualifications, and are grateful for your new life free from financial pressures, we have a special invitation for you, as a 101 Financial graduate, which Alan explains below:

You can help us carry on our mission of Doing Well, By Doing Good For Others when you share 101 Financial with the world. You’ll become a member of the 101 Financial Instructor family while helping your family with the additional income you’ll receive.

After you become one of our 101 Financial Instructors (with the free training you’ll receive from our top Instructors and trainers), you’ll be able to improve the lives of many people who need our help the most. People in stressful financial situations, perhaps much like the situation you were in when you found 101 Financial.

And every time you show good people with financial troubles how they can live an enjoyable life of financial peace of mind with the 101 Financial System, you will be paid by 101 Financial for your efforts. That’s right, you can earn extra income while helping others move from a life of financial pressure to the good life of being in control of their personal finances.

Help change the world one family at a time… do well by doing good for others… and get paid every time you do so, as an elite 101 Financial Instructor! 

Take the first step by contacting your instructor, who will arrange for your interview process once he or she determines that you qualify.


    1. Hello, Anthony! Thank you so much for your interest, and please be sure to speak directly with your instructor about pursuing the next steps. I wish you the best!
      Dr. Adele

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