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Instructor Inactivation or Resignation Process

This topic was added July 1, 2021.

Requesting a Leave of Absence (for Either Inactivation or Resignation)

Instructors requesting a leave of absence shall provide written notification via email to their Support Team (copy to Corporate Accounting Services at and, to include the following information:

  • Instructor Name
  • Support Team Members (Enlisting/Master/Dean)
  • Type of Leave: Inactivation or Resignation
  • Beginning Date of Leave
  • Expected Date of Return from LOA, if applicable

Instructor Responsibilities While on Leave

Instructors shall be responsible for the following during their period of inactivity:

  • Notifying their Support Team, and keeping their Team apprised of any changes in their circumstances (copy Corporate Accounting Services at and 
  • Meeting with their Support Team to discuss the temporary or permanent reassignment of their Team Instructors and Students.
  • Notifying all of their Team Instructors and Students of their inactivation or resignation status and providing their Support Team’s contact information.

Related responsibilities:

  • The Dean will notify Corporate Accounting Services of any changes that are to take place in the Instructor Portal.
  • The newly assigned Supporting Instructor shall schedule a meeting with any reassigned Instructors to discuss an action plan to ensure that all students receive support as needed.

Instructors on a leave of absence are subject to the following:

  • Shall continue to pay their annual Instructor Renewal Fee while in Inactive status.
  • Will retain their existing Instructor Team and Student Base upon return from their LOA.
  • Will not be credited for any “new business” transactions (i.e., new referrals resulting from an existing student) nor receive any overrides during the LOA; credits will go to the temporarily assigned Supporting Instructor instead.   

Actions to be taken when a leave of absence occurs:

  • The Instructor Portal will be disabled.
  • The Instructor will be removed from the Instructor Facebook page.
  • In the case of a Master Instructor or Dean of Instructors, the Instructor will be removed from the GroupMe group page.
  • The Instructor will agree to relinquish all students to their Support Team for servicing during their period of inactivity.
  • Upon return from a leave of absence, the Instructor shall follow the Instructor Reactivation Process, as explained in the next topic of this Handbook.

Actions to be taken when a resignation occurs:

  • The Instructor’s Independent Contractor Agreement shall become null and void.
  • However, the Contractor’s covenants in the Agreement, including the agreement not to disclose confidential information and the agreement not to compete (as set forth in Sections 3, 4, & 6), shall remain in force following the termination of the Agreement. 

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