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Instructor Request for Leave of Absence (LOA)

This topic was added July 1, 2021.

Circumstances That May Result in Leave

At 101 Financial, we appreciate the work you and your Organization have put in to help us achieve our mission of bringing Financial Peace of Mind to Everyone. We also understand that life brings us twists, turns, and seasons that require us to redirect our attention, whether it be a short period or an extended period. Our unique company culture is cognizant and supportive of times like this, and we have provided a path for you to focus your attention to attend to your personal matters while making accommodations to support your Team/Organization during your period of absence.


  • A leave of absence is defined as an interruption of Instructor roles and responsibilities between one (1) month and up to one (1) year, and will be considered an INACTIVATION.
  • An interruption greater than one (1) year will be considered a RESIGNATION.

In either case above, the Instructor shall follow the Instructor Inactivation or Resignation Process, as explained in the next topic of this Handbook.

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