Wealth Academy Overview Videos

Learn more about the Wealth Academy courses by watching these short videos…

WA 201 – Overview of Asset Protection

The 201 section of the Wealth Academy explains the basics of insurance, wills, and trusts, which are some of the primary ways of protecting your income and assets for yourself and your family.

WA 301 – Overview of Asset Accumulation

The 301 section of the Wealth Academy explores investing in three types of assets — real estate, businesses, and paper assets. These types of investments represent some of the most common ways to build wealth.

WA 401 – Overview of Taxes & Corporations

The 401 section of the Wealth Academy examines how to use corporations to reduce your tax liability, and to protect your assets and yourself from potential lawsuits.

WA 501 – Overview of Millionaire Mindset

The 501 section of the Wealth Academy helps you develop mental skills and clarity about your purpose and goals that will greatly benefit you as you build wealth.

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