Win $ummer Cash During The “Days of Summer with 101 Financial” Contest – Get 15 Extra Days

WIN $ummer Cash!

With Our Summer Contest
For All Instructors AND Students…

Our “Days of Summer with 101 Financial” Contest

Happening June, July and August, 2019

Create Your Instructor or Student Success Story
By Answering The Questions Below.
Answer Each Question with An Authentic, Open Heart.

Here’s How This HOT Summer
Instructor and Student Contest Works

We will select 5 Success Story posts to share on our 101 Financial Facebook and Instagram pages each week, in June, July and August.

Email your Success Story submission to

If your submission is selected, you will be notified when your post will be published.

The post with the most combined shares, likes and comments will win $500 that month.

If your Success Story post is not selected that month, you can submit it again the following month.

There will be TWO Grand Prize Winners:

Second Prize Is Randomly Selected From All Submissions and Wins $500.

 Success Story Posts For June and July Have Ended.

But Your July Success Story Posts Will Now Have An Extra 15 Days
To Get More Social Activity, Which Counts Toward Your Total Activity.

Create and Submit Your Student Or
Instructor Success Story For August Today!

Instructors AND students are eligible to participate.

Here’s How To Create The Most Compelling
Instructor or Student Success Story You Can…

By Answering These 7 Questions…
Then Turning All Of Your Answers
Into Your Student or Instructor Success Story

Question #1. What was your biggest challenge prior to getting help from 101 Financial?

Question #2. How did your challenges make you feel?

Question #3. What changed for you after getting started with 101 Financial?

Question #4. What specific results can you share?

Question #5. What would you say to somebody on the fence about joining 101 Financial?

Question #6. Do you have anything else to add?

Question #7. Do you grant permission for us to feature your success story?

Post your success story on your individual account with #101Financial.

All Instructors and students are eligible to participate.
We want to get as many Success Stories as we can, and have them shared.

So We Can Spread The 101 Financial Message
to As Many New Families and Individuals As We Can.

We hope you Win $ummer Cash!


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